Research Scholar’s List

Batch: 2015-16

S.No Department Admission Number Name of the Student Name of the Supervisor Thesis Title Status
1 EEE 15PH0204 N. Satyavani Dr. C. Kamal Basha Modelling and Analysis of Z Source Inverter for Enhancing Power Quality in PV Yet to submit pre synopsis
2 ME 15PH0301 Thota. Siva Prasad Dr. C. Yuvaraj Development and Experimental Investigation of Light Weight Natural Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites for Automotive Engine Yet to submit pre synopsis
3 ME 15PH0302 Raghavendra H Dr. Suryanarayana Raju Pakalapati Design, Fabrication and Dynamic Analysis of striling Engines for Applications in Distributed Power Generations Yet to submit pre synopsis
4 ME 15PH0336 Bazani Shaik Dr. G. Harinath Gowd Parametric Optimization and Experimental Investigations on Friction Stir Welding Process to improve the Microstructures of AL Alloys Awarded
5 ECE 15PH0402 Shaik Mohammed Rafi Transferred to JNTU Design of Reversible Computing Systems for Low Power Applications on going
6 CSE 15PH0528 Y. Harinath Dr. Venningston Enabling Trustworthiness of users in symmetric searchable Encryption Schemes Over Cloud Data on going

Batch: 2014-15

S.No Department Admission Number Name of the Student Name of the Supervisor Thesis Title Status
1 ME 14PH0326 V.Chengal Reddy Dr. G. Harinath Gowd Investigations & Optimization of control variables in various Drilling Techniques to reduce the Delamination of GFRP Composites using ANN and GA Integrated Approach Synopsis submitted
2 ECE 14PH0427 Brahmadesam.T.Madav Dr. S. A. K. Jilani Reconstruction of Lost frames in Video Reception Synopsis submitted
3 ECE 14PH0428 Prahlad Reddy.T Transferred to JNTU Cryptography Solution for Security of Context Aware Internet of Things Devices Synopsis submitted
4 Physics 14PH0711 Pujari Ananda Dr. S. Victor Vedanayakam Modelling and simulation of flexible pyroelectric Thermal Sensor for Radioisotope power system Pre-viva submission
5 Chemistry 14PH0816 G.Apsana Dr. P. P. George Emerging as Nanofactories towards facile route in synthesis of Nanoparticles Awarded
6 Mathematics 14PH0912 Kuruva Subbanna Dr. Gouse Double Diffusive Boundary layer flow of Non-Newtonian flow in porous media Awarded
7 Mathematics 14PH0914 Ch.Amanulla Dr. N. Nagendra Some studies on Non-Newtonian Fluid through Purous Medium Synopsis submitted
8 Mathematics 14PH0915 Charapalli Shobha Rani Dr. S. Jeelani Begum Graph Theory and general Awarded
9 Mathematics 14PH0917 L. Nagaraja Dr. M. Sudhakar Reddy Effect of Magnetic Field on some Non-Newtonian Fluid Flows Awarded
10 Mathematics 14PH0911 Sasikala Meegada Prof. V. Ramachandra Prasad Computational Analysis of Non-Newtonian Boundary Synopsis submitted
11 MBA 14PH1011 Savudumani Mohana Dr.Gangisetty Shopping Experience and Mall Patronage in South India Awarded
12 MBA 14PH1014 Vennapusa Lavanya Dr.D. Pradeep Kumar Impact of Capital Inflows on Indian Manufacturing Sector-with Reference to Auto-mobile Industry Awarded
13 English 14PH1411 Kummara Naresh Dr. G. Hampamma Thematic study of K.V. Raghupathi’s Poetry Synopsis submitted
14 English 14PH1412 D. Sai Lakshmi Dr. Shanmugha Priya Diasporic Indian Writers: Chitra Banarjee and Jhumpa Lahiri Synopsis submitted

Batch: 2013-14

S.No Department Admission Number Name of the Student Name of the Supervisor Thesis Title Status
1 ECE 13PH0422 K. Sai Venu Prathap Dr P Ramanathan & Dr SAK Jilani A Real Time image mosaicing using invariant features Awarded
2 ECE 13PH0424 E. Lakshmi Prasad Dr.A.R.Reddy A high speed Routing Algorithms for Network-On-Chip Awarded
3 Physics 13PH0705 M. Usha Dr. S. Victor Vedanayakam Design and Development of organics photovoltaics Awarded
4 Chemistry 13PH0816 R. Yuva Sravana Dr. P. P. George Synthesis of Nano-particles and study their properties Awarded
5 Mathematics 13PH0912 K. Madhavi Dr.Nagendra Computational analysis of Non-Newtonian boundary layer flow of eyring -Powell fluid Awarded
6 Mathematics 13PH0913 B. Md. Hidayathulla Khan Dr.V.R.C.Prasad Non-similar double diffusive boundary layer flow of viscoelastic fluid Awarded
7 Mathematics 13PH0914 K.Venkatadri Dr. Gouse Mathematical modelling of some flows past isothermal and home-isothermal Awarded
8 MBA 13PH1001 G. Sreenivasa Reddy Dr.D.Pradeep Kumar Problems of farmers- A Case study of Kurnool district Awarded
9 MBA 13PH1007 M. Rama Kumari Dr.D.Pradeep Kumar Impact of compensation management & employee involvement on performance of cement companies with special reference to Rayalaseema Region Awarded