Dr. Lucky Agarwal

Qualification : Ph.D.

Details of Educational Qualification:

Course Specialization Group College Name/University Year of Passing
Ph.D. Microelectronics and VLSI Design Electronics & Communication Engineering Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad 2018
M.Tech. Microelectronics and VLSI Design Electronics & Communication Engineering Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad 2014
B.Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering Electronics & Communication Engineering Norheren India Engineering College, Lucknow,
Uttar Pradesh Technical University

Note : Students are advised to meet me in Room No : EB-215 D (Staff room) at any time other than my class hours mentioned in the below timetable for any discussions related to the subjects & research.

My Schedule for 2019-20


List of Publications

S.No Title of the Paper Full Details of Journal Name / Conference Name, Volume number, page number, Date
1 "Highly Reflective Er doped ZnO thin film coating for application in UV Optical Ring Resonator” Nanotechnology 28, no. 46 (2017): 465707
2 “Fabrication and characterization of Pd/Cu doped ZnO/Si and Ni/Cu doped ZnO/Si Schottky Diodes” Thin solid films, vol. 612, no.1, pp. 259-266, August, 2016.
3 "Fabrication and Characterization of Cu Doped ZnO/Bi Doped ZnO Nanolaminates as Mirror for Application in Optical Devices" IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology 16, no. 2 (2017): 203-208 .
4 ”Analysis of Structural, Optical and electrical properties of Metal /p-ZnO based Schottky Diode” Journal of semiconductors, Vol. 38, No. 10 ,2017.
5 ”Effects of Copper concentration on structural and optical properties of Copper doped ZnO prepared by Sol-Gel spin coating method” Materials Focus (In Press).
6 “Work function estimation of Cu doped ZnO” An International Journal (ANTJ), Vol. 2, No.2/3, September 2016.
7 ”Refractive Index and Dielectric Constant Evaluation of Bi doped p -ZnO Thin Film Deposited by Sol gel Method” Journal of Electron Devices Vol. 23, Num. 1, 2016, pp 1917-1921.
8 ”Short channel effects (SCEs) characterization of underlaped dual-K spacer in dual-metal gate FinFET device” In Control, Computing, Communication and Materials (ICCCCM), 2016 International Conference on, pp. 1-6. IEEE, 2016.
9 ”Fabrication and Characterization of Thin-film Heterojunction Diodes for Smart Systems” In Emerging Devices and Smart Systems (ICEDSS), 2017 Conference on, pp. 180-183. IEEE, 2017.
10 “Determination of optical properties of copper doped ZnOthin film Contacts" Etmn 2015 – AIP proceedings.
11 “Analytical Modeling and Simulation of Surface Potential of Short Channel Double Halo Strained-Si (DHS)-DG MOSFET” IEEE conference proceedings.
12 ”Microstructural and Electrical Characterization of Pt/Si Nanowires Schottky Diode Grown by Metal Assisted Chemical Etching Method” Int. J. Thin. Fil. Sci. Tec. 6, No. 3, 107-111(2017)
13 ”High Performance UV Photodetector Based on p-n ZnO nanostructured films”Accepted in Baltic Conference Series 2017