Training and Placement Cell


MITS-Placement Cell concentrates on career exploration, self-assessment, long-term career planning, and developing networking skills, in addition to job search strategies for the short-term. Along with an intense focus on students’ success, the Placement Cell is committed to creating and maintaining positive relationships with corporate employers. MITS-TPC team manages active relationships with companies that recruit students, working to ensure that the recruiting process is smooth, hassle-free and rewarding. In concert with administration, faculty-corporate relations and students, the TPC works continually to bring new companies on-Grounds and to expand existing relationships. The TPC also maintains an intranet that facilitates many technical aspects of the job search, allowing students to manage their search electronically from computers on-Grounds or online. Using the TPC site, students can research companies and contacts, search for employment opportunities, apply for jobs, sign up for company presentations, schedule on-Campus interviews and much more.

News & Events

35 students were selected for NetSkills Wireless Solutions Pvt Ltd Interviews held on 14th December, 2016.

23 students were selected for Thomson Reuters, On Campus Drive held on 13th December, 2016.

11 students were selected for Caliber Technologies Pvt.Ltd, On Campus Drive held on 09th December,2016.

20 students were selected for IBM - On Campus Recruitment Event held on 18th November 2016.

13 students were selected for Enchanter Corporation, Campus Drive held on 26th October 2016.

05 students were selected for GGK Tech in Campus Drive held on 20th October 2016.

02 students were selected for Global Automation, On Campus Drive held on 19th October, 2016.

22 students were selected for SLK Software, On Campus Drive held on 08th October,2016.

23 students were selected for Techmahindra Interviews held on 03nd October, 2016.

16 students were selected for NTT DTA Interviews held on 24th September, 2016.

05 students were selected for DIVUM Corporate Services Pvt Ltd, On Campus Drive held on 18th September, 2016.

37 students were selected for CAPGEMINI, Bangalore On Campus Drive held on 16th September, 2016.

For Students

Students who use TPC services are responsible for

Taking advantage of the career resources offered by the TPC and the college.

Independently developing and obtaining feedback on a career plan consisting of networking and interview strategies for implementation during the course of the academic program.

Representing MITS professionally and honourably in all interactions with the business community.

Keeping TPC informed of concerns and issues .

Reporting placement plans/status throughout the academic year and upon graduation from the college.

We are available to assist you with

Choosing a major and developing career goals

Obtaining career information and resources

Conducting industry and organizational research

Developing contacts/networking

Learning job search techniques

Post-Graduate College application and selection

Resume preparation

Developing interview skills

Finding full-time, part-time and internship opportunities