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The Student High Action Research Programme (SHARP) programme is initiated in MITS college in the year 2018, to foster the research culture within the campus and transform it into a world class institute, the faculties are encouraged to pursue high quality research. Besides, the students are encouraged to work with the faculty in research and learn about publications from an early stage. It involves collaborative efforts by faculties and students in conducting the research activities within MITS college.

The Objectives of the Program is to involve the students in academic and sponsored research activities to exploit their class room learning which will lead to outcomes useful for their career in further studies or employment. It also facilitates the faculty members to conduct research in various areas of research and development that will lead to outcomes benefitting the students, faculties and henceforth the institution at large.

Students and Faculties

Under the SHARP programme, approximately 200 students each from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year engineering students from various departments are selected based on their interest to conduct research in addition to their academic preparation.

Out of them 600 SHARP Fellowships are provided to 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students. Selected students receive a stipend of Rs. 1000/- per month for a period of 10 months spread over 5 months in each semester.

Every faculty member is associated with students each from 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year to work collaboratively on specific research problems by contributing a minimum of 10 hours a week besides their regular class work.

The Performance of the student and the faculty member conducting research is monitored on a monthly basis to assess progress and this evaluation is based on their ability to turn the research into patents and publications.

Success of the Programme

600 SHARP fellowships are awarded to students since 2018 and appreciable outcome are achieved in terms of journal paper and conference publications.

Faculty members received the incentives of Rs.25000 for peer reviewed journals.

Apart from this, if there is a substantial contribution by the faculty and/or the staff members in the consultancy project and no resources of the College (like laboratory, computer, software etc.) utilized, the members involved in the consultancy project will take 70% of the total net amount so received by the Institution and 30% will go to the College.

Full sponsorship (limited to Rs. 15,000/- each) is also provided to all faculty members after completion of the probation period for a maximum of two conferences / seminars / workshops / symposiums per year held within India and during the vacation time at IITs, NITs.


Selection of students from three different years and forming them as a cohesive group is an issue that needs to look into various aspects of their curricular learning.

Students participation is not sustained and it may affect the efficiency of the team and also on time completion of the research is not time bound.