Students' Clubs

The dynamism of academic life spills out of the classrooms. It is a credit to the mental and intellectual focus of the students that many of the clubs are extensions of their academic and career aspirations. There are several annual ‘fests’ and entertainment events organized by the institution every year. Students’ clubs provide a forum for interaction among themselves and the outside world events, however varied, it may be formal or informal, but brings out the passion in youngsters and develop their organizational skills. The clubs bring about a good balance of work, fun and leisure activities and ensure the all round development of students.

Importance of Student Clubs :
Students’ Clubs are the main hub of student activity. They provide an outlet and a stage for the creative juices of young minds and hearts. The clubs give you the chance to apply classroom learning in the outside world. This helps you to gain invaluable leadership as well as life skills. In addition to connecting other students who have similar interests, students’ clubs make students to interact with alumni and professionals in their fields of interest.

Benefits of Students Clubs:
• Students’ clubs enrich your experience, create a diverse community, encourage involvement, and provide opportunities for students to build valuable skills.
• This helps you to build formal and informal networks while exploring career opportunities.
• Open to all students, these clubs organize programs, events, and meetings throughout the academic year. Clubs listed here are officially recognized.

The following are the various Clubs in the college
• Event Management Club
• Arts and Cultural Club
• English Club
• MSR Club
• Sports Club
• Tech Club
• Yoga & Meditation Club
• Film Makers Club
• Investors Club
• Marketing Club
• HR Club

Event Management Club

Coordinator : Dr. Rajendraprasad Narne

The aim of this club is to offer the ability to plan and execute events throughout the college. Event Management club students have the opportunity to gain experience in Event Management and create important contacts that they can use once they have completed the course. The club also aims to create leadership skills, Team building skills, interpersonal skills and social atmosphere which will encourage members to get involved in activities outside their academic timetables.

To establish a platform for organizing events – and to establish a name for class of events. To create opportunities for mutual learning and growth. Involving a larger section of students so that they can invoke management skills and other essential qualities.

Activities:Planning, Organizing, Directing and staffing of all events.

Arts & Cultural Club

Coordinator : Dr. Shaik Ahamed Basha

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see”. With this belief in mind, MITS endeavors to showcase life as they see it through the eyes of art. Arts and Cultural Club is an ambitious, all-inclusive one. It is a tempting, artistic, beautiful meeting-place for anybody with passion. The clubs’ mission is to bring out the hidden talents among students and also provide them a stage where they can showcase their arts and cultural talent and interest. The club provides lot of opportunities in the form of competitions and workshops for igniting the spark of interest present in the budding technocrats and honing their skills towards showcasing their talents.

• Food Festival
• Arts Week
• Rangoli Festival
• Naach and Gaaoo Day

• Drawing
• Painting
• Drama
• Sketching
• Mimicry
• Mime
• Dialogue Delivery
• Culinary

English Club

Coordinator : Dr. S. Shanmuga Priya

The main focus of the club is to see people to be comfortable with English as they are with Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, or other languages. English Club is a place for language learners to use English in a casual setting which aims at literary activities on the campus throughout the year. English Club gives students a chance to practice various skills in a setting that is more like real life. Through English club students can understand and improve your English language skill, which helps students to speak more clearly and listen more carefully.

• Group discussions
• Spell bee
• Quiz
• Dramas
• Essay writing
• Elocution competition
• Pop-Clutes
• Debate
• Oral Presentations
• Interview Skills
• Describing Objects

MITS Social Responsibility Club

Coordinator : Dr. S. Victor Vedanayakam

  • To awakening the inner person with spirit of service for the betterment of society and to inculcate mutual helpingness among the people.

  • Mission
  • Social service oriented activities that makes people understand the society.

  • Activities
    * Green campus
    * Clean campus
    * Water & electricity save
    * Support orphans
    * Support schools
    * Awareness on social issues
    * Visiting villages
    * Support during medical emergency
    * Health awareness programs
    * Blood information

    Sports Club

    Coordinator : Mr. R. Rajesh William

    Sports club encourages students to develop their sports skills in various outdoor and indoor games like Football, Handball, Tennis, Cricket, Ball Badminton, Kabaddi, Volleyball, Athletics, Chess, Carom Board, Table Tennis, Shuttle Badminton, Physical Fitness Program (will be conducted in Gym), Weight Lifting. Our college has grounds and equipment for each of these sports. The club also encourages the students to participate in Inter College and Intramural College sports competitions.
    Outdoor Activities
    Football, Tennis, Cricket, Handball, Kabaddi, Volleyball, Shuttle Badminton, Ball Badminton, Throw Ball, Tennikoit and Athletics.
    Indoor Activities
    Chess, Carom Board and Table Tennis

    Tech Club

    For the all-round development of the students and to enrich their technical knowledge the institute provides a platform for various students’ activities. This club envisages conducive platform to explore student’s latent talents and also to enable them to come out with their innovative ideas.
    The students are encouraged to become the member of Tech Club to help broaden their skills and horizons. The Tech Club not only help the students explore their hidden talent but also help in areas such as personality development and inculcating in the students the spirit of organization by providing them with a platform for hosting their technical talents.
    The focus of the tech club primarily is to help the students gain practical as well as theoretical technical knowledge. Students are provided with an opportunity to implement what they learn in their respective class rooms.

    Activities under Tech Club
    • Conducting technical events such as symposiums, Quizzes, Model exhibitions.
    • Organizing Guest Lectures.
    • Industry Visits to provide students an insight regarding internal working of companies.

    Yoga & Meditation Club

    Coordinator : Dr. V. Shanker Nath

    Yoga and meditation club helps in understanding the physical and psychical controls whose aim is to make practitioner aware of the identity of Atma (soul) and Brahman (supreme soul). Yoga and meditation club not only provides health, vigour, brightness and alertness to the body and mind, it also fills the life with satisfaction, happiness and pleasure. The Main objective of the club is to reduces tension, stress, anxiety, weakness, helplessness, fear, negative thoughts etc. which are increased day by day in this mechanical human life

    • Conducts yoga and meditation training classes
    • Organizes guest lectures on spiritual education and ethical values
    • Conducts competitions related yoga and meditation
    • Renders services such as yoga classes, donations and awareness programs to needy people

    Film Makers Club

    About Us: This Film Makers Club is open to all students interested in making, directing, filming, acting in, or editing student films and photography in our campus. Our goal is to bring together students who are interested in film and filmmaking in order to encourage and provide support and guidance for student filmmaking, photography interests and activities.

    • To encourage and motivate the creating aspirants in MITS.
    • To bring together students from all backgrounds, with all kinds of interests and areas of expertise, and allow them to work in the field of their interest and hone their skills in video production.
    • Our club intends to encourage students in the field of dramatics by enacting plays, making short films and thereby enabling students to develop their interpersonal skills.

    Activities Planned:
    • Coming up with different stage shows and short films at a constant basis.
    • Organizing various short film competitions as well as stage shows showcasing acting talent.
    • Preparing a firm editing team and a good team.
    • Making short films on society and environmental issues.
    • Learning both about film and film-making.
    • To engage the students in a common interest of photography.
    • To spot the shots that shows the defects in nature and in students.
    • To get promote the college in films by conducting contests on short film.
    • The camera for short film has to be brought by student.
    • Our College Short films will be promoted in Social Media.
    Joining in our club might expose you to new genres, directors and pictures you’ve never heard of before. You may also get to work on your own feature that will be screened to the rest of the student body.
    All stages of filmmaking are completely student-run, from writing screenplays to final editing.

    To anyone who is interested in filmmaking: come join the best filmmaking club on campus! See you on the big screen!

    Science Club

    Coordinator : Dr. P. Suryanarayana Raju

    The aim of MITS Science Club is to serve as a platform for collective enquiry and exchange of knowledge among students who seek answers, in light of the modern scientific theories and discoveries, to the age old questions about meaning and purpose of life, the complexity of world around us and the dynamics of universe at large.

    The specific objectives of the club are to
    1. Promote the understanding of fundamental scientific theories in the students.
    2. Create awareness among the students about the history of science and scientific discoveries.
    3. Stimulate students’ interest in the latest developments and discoveries in Physics.
    4. Instill the habit of scientific thinking in students.
    5. Encourage students to overcome dead habits and blind beliefs through scientific enquiry.

    The typical activities envisioned to be undertaken by the club are
    1. Seminars by experts in basic sciences on topics of wider interest.
    2. Reading of popular science books followed by discussion on the topics covered.
    3. Watching of science videos followed by discussions of the themes.
    4. Elocutions and debates by students on science related topics.
    5. Awareness programs on unscientific practices and blind beliefs.
    6. Field trips and visits to places of importance for science.

    Investors Club

    Coordinator : Dr. Mohd Mujahed Ali

    The investors club works towards enhancing the knowledge base of the participants in the area of financial markets and educate them on the nuance of investing and trading. It also tries to bridge the gap between theory and practice of finance by conducting knowledge sharing sessions and events.
    The club organizes activities to assist members in evaluating careers in finance and identifying current career opportunities, extend the practical finance education with job-specific knowledge and connect members with alumni and other finance professionals. Some of the more popular activities include industry talks, workshops, information sessions about careers/companies and virtual stock trading competitions. The club’s activities cover a broad range of verticals within finance such as investment banking, securities, private equity, venture capital, retail banking, wealth management, insurance and microfinance.

    Objective of the Investor club:
    • The Main purpose of investment club is to pooling money and investing in shares and generated income
    • Stock Game
    • Money Making
    • Treasure Hunt

    Marketing Club

    Coordinator : Dr. C. V. Krishna

    The purpose of our Club is to provide a medium for the interaction of all those interested in Marketing. The Club strives to go one step beyond the classroom in terms of learning what Marketing really constitutes by organizing speakers, field trips, and social interaction between students and faculty.
    We firmly believe that a sound business education is an ideal mix of a world class curriculum and practical learning opportunities. As such, OnYourMarketing club strives to create opportunities for members to learn by doing. The Club is designed to bring marketing majors together in a social setting, to create an environment to foster long-term marketing relationships.

    Activities :
    • Ad Zap
    • Innovative Product
    • Marketing Wizard
    • Product Selling

    HR Club

    Coordinator : Dr. Ch. Sahoo

    Popularizing the HR domain is a matter of prime concern for us and so is maintaining relations with the alumni and the industry. People skills are easy to talk about but tough to practice and hence our focus is on encouraging an increasing number of learning opportunities in the field of HR for the participants. With the support and guidance of the experienced faculty, in OB/HR area, and its all-time emphasis on innovation and creativity, the club looks forward to create an impact not only within the Institute but also for the whole community of esteemed B-Schools in India. Workshops, guest lectures and seminars by industry professionals on the various aspects of Human Resource Management to keep the students abreast with the latest industry issues and trends.

    National level article writing competition, regarding contemporary issues to provide a platform for idea sharing the case study based competitions and other events would offer a wonderful opportunity for participants to apply their theoretical knowledge to find the solution of some mind boggling real world issues related with various aspects of HR & OB area.

    The HR adopts to create a learning environment and enhance the skill sets of the students in the area of their interest. The HR club adopts organizes speaker sessions, alumni interactions, Debates, Role plays, Management and funny games, leadership games, workshops and seminars to provide industry and functional exposure to students.

    The main Objective of this club is to ensure that students stay side by side of their career opportunities in Human Resource management and to help them develop the required skill set and To engage with industry and business leaders to nurture mutually beneficial relationships.
    Activities :
    • Organizes speaker sessions
    • Alumni interactions
    • Debates
    • Role plays
    • Management and funny games
    • Leadership games
    • Workshops and seminars to provide industry and functional exposure to students

    The Literary Society

    Coordinator : Dr. Parul Saxena

    The Literary Society at MITS appraise four distinct features
    • Language and Grammar,
    • Debating and Public Speaking,
    • Creative Writing,
    • Quizzing and Analyzing.

    It aims to enhance your English language and take your imagination and creativity to a higher level. The Literary Society has been endeavoring to achieve its vision of making the four verticals self-sustaining and independent.

    Membership is open for all students who think they can develop their persona by learning and Exercising and also, Express their ideas and creativity for enhancing the same. These four features fill the confidence in you to express your ideas and creativity effectively.

    It is going to be your Aura… KEEP UPDATING, KEEP MOVING

    Activities :
    • Poster Presentation
    • Multimedia presentation [single and multiple orators]
    • Master of Comparing [Practice & Exercise]
    • Role Play
    • creative writing [in form of Poetries and short stories]
    • Extempore
    • General awareness quiz
    • word building
    • Jumble words Exercise
    • News Reading/ Anchoring
    • Abstract Discussion
    • Face to Face discussion

    Dr. Shaik Ahamed Basha

    Chief Coordinator


    Dr. N. Rajendra Prasad

    Event Management Club Coordinator


    Dr. Shaik Ahamed Basha

    Arts & Cultural Club Coordinator


    Dr. S. Shanmuga Priya

    English Club Coordinator

    Dr. S. Victor Vedanayakam

    MSR Club Coordinator


    Mr. R. Rajesh William

    Sports Club Coordinator


    Dr. V. Shanker Nath

    Yoga & Meditation Club Coordinator


    Dr. P. Suryanarayana Raju

    Science Club Coordinator


    Dr. Mohd Mujahed Ali

    Investors Club Coordinator


    Dr. C. V. Krishna

    Marketing Club Coordinator


    Dr. Ch. Sahoo

    HR Club Coordinator


    P. Charan Sai

    Yoga and Meditation Club Student Coordinator

    ECE Department

    Y. Sai Kiran Kumar Reddy

    Tech and Science Club Student Coordinator

    ECE Department

    MN Sameer Ahamed

    Tech and Science Club Student Coordinator

    ECE Department

    C. Sai Praneeth

    Short Film Club Student Coordinator

    ME Department

    N. Anitha & Priyanka

    English Club Student Coordinator

    CSE Department

    B. Sindhu

    Student Coordinator

    CSE Department

    P. Asraar Ali Khan & C. Uday

    Event Management Club Student Coordinator

    ECE Department

    B. Sandeep Rayudu

    Arts and Cultural Club Student Coordinator

    ECE Department